Lactation Clinic

Clinic is temporarily suspended with the current stay at home order.

Please contact me for phone or Zoom consultations instead.

Lactation Clinic, at 5011 Kenwood Road

Please see Facebook events page for Upcoming Clinics.

Usually held Fridays, sometimes Monday Clinics added.

$20 per family

Please contact with any questions.

This clinic combines comprehensive lactation services, while encouraging community and peer support. Come and go format!

Bring your baby (toddlers welcome as well) and partners / support people as desired.

Pre-registration is required, and can be done here, via contacting Gillian, or even the morning of Clinic with a simple phone call / text!

Pre- and post-feeding weight for babies will be recorded, and lactation professionals will observe breastfeeding and bottlefeeding sessions, all while you get to chat with other mothers in the area. Additional time is allotted for one-on-one questions with Gillian Foreman.

This format allows for more guidance and problem-solving than in a full group setting and provides continued follow-up in a supportive community environment for mothers experiencing more difficult scenarios.

Feel free to reach out and ask any questions directly to Gillian via the Contact Me page, or by phone.

While this not a substitute for the In-Home Lactation Consultations, it does provide more follow-up and support specifically for lactation than other settings.


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In-Home Lactation Consultation

Currently in-home consultations are prioritized by:

  • failure to thrive / insufficient weight gain
  • continued pain and damage with latching

Further, inquiries will be screened for exposure and symptoms before scheduling.

Thank you for your understanding during this time. 

Did you know you can have personalized care in the comfort of your own home? Not only do you need to know this, you deserve to have it.

This is the most common session for people experiencing pain, worried about their baby’s growth, or other acute breastfeeding problems, as discussed with your pediatrician, or birth care provider.

In a detailed 2 hour visit in your home, we discuss your medical history, your birth, and talk about what’s troubling you with breastfeeding. Then we create a personalized care plan to move forward together.

This consultation includes the first month of scale rental if deemed necessary to the care plan, as well as a full month of phone, text, and e-mail follow-up.

Along with your personalized care plan, a receipt for lactation services will be provided for you to be reimbursed by your insurance company, and any appropriate handouts: post-frenotomy care, mastitis care, best pumping practices, etc. Payment is due in full at the time of the visit; payment plans can always be discussed.

Initial in-home visit is $200

In-home follow-up visits, which include another month of follow-up care:

$100, 1 hour in length

$150, 2 hours in length

An additional travel fee of $25 each way applies to 45 miles or greater from the Central Cincinnati area. Contact Gillian directly for details.

Contact Gillian to book your consultation.

In-Office Consultation

Clinic is temporarily suspended with the current stay at home order.

Please contact me for phone or Zoom consultations instead.

Introducing In-Office Consultations: offered Tuesdays and Fridays.

If you have breastfeeding questions, want someone to view a breastfeeding session and offer advice, or discuss what’s going on with you and your baby in a personal, private, and professional setting, we sincerely want to be there to help.

Thus, Modern Breastfeeding + Education is pleased to offer In-Office Consultations. A bridge between full and in-depth In-Home Consultations, yet more resourceful and knowledgable to you than asking social media.

In-Office Consultations come in two forms:

2 hour consultations, that include everything an in-home consultation does for $150. 

– OR –

a 1 hour consultation for $50, without the monthly support package. 

Simply add our Monthly Support Package, which offers a full month of phone, text, and e-mail follow-up, to the latter for $100 total – IF you feel you need it as we talk!

This can also service as an in-person follow-up, as desired, if you have previously booked an In-Home Lactation Consultation.

I look forward to helping your family!

Contact Gillian to book your consultation.

Phone & Zoom Lactation Consultations

Want breastfeeding help?

Ideal for parents with many questions, but who do not feel they need hands on help, especially in today’s climate. 

This consult is treated like a home visit, including:

  • taking a history
  • assesssing needs and concerns
  • troubleshooting root issues
  • teaching you the skills needed to help you and your little one

After the call, a personalized care plan will be emailed to you, as well as a receipt for reimbursement for your insurance company. This also includes a few phone, text, and e-mail follow-up’s to make sure your initial need or problem was answered.

This service is $25 / 30 minutes, or $50/ hour. 

Contact Gillian to book your consultation.

Additional, continuous support for a full month can be added as desired. 

Scale rentals are free for the first 2 weeks, pending you are available to pick-up and drop off from the Madisonville office location. A small $30 fee will be added for porch drop off and pick up. 

Monthly Support Package

Are you a past client of Modern Breastfeeding + Education?
Have questions or need support past a consultation? 
While all lactation services include a few phone / text / e-mail follow-ups, many times clients need help further down the road. Questions include a broad range of topics such as:
  • postpartum blues or mood questions
  • teething
  • going back to work
  • pumping questions
  • illnesses
  • weaning
  • infant development
  • sleep
  • introducing solid foods
  • and many more subjects
The Monthly Support Package is designed with you in mind. It provides continued on-call support to answer questions when you need it, by subscribing! This offer never expires, and can be renewed at any time you wish to have more support. This is Gillian’s way of giving people truly continuous support throughout their breastfeeding journey.
This also includes access to a password-protected area with additional resources, extra handouts, and more, which will be updated monthly with new content just for subscribers. You will be notified before your subscription ends so that you can take full advantage of this service, or choose to renew. The following subscription lengths are available:
1 month of care is $50 per month as desired
3 months of continuous care for $125 (1/2 month off)
6 months of continuous care for $250 (full month free)


Sign up for a Monthly Support Package

1 Month ($50)3 Months ($125)6 Months ($250)

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