photo by Jeanine Persichini

Meet Gillian Foreman

Gillian Foreman, has her Masters in Health and Wellness, with a specialization in Lactation, through Union Institute & University, as well as being an IBCLC, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She is currently a certified Labor Doula through ProDoula, and has been serving expectant couples since 2009 as a Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula. Gillian achieved her CLC, Certified Lactation Counselor, status through Healthy Children in 2011, and has been helping families with breastfeeding ever since. *

However, that’s the short version.

Once upon a time, Gillian was an Electrical Engineering student who then overlapped her graduation into the School of Architecture to study Interior Design, both at the University of Texas at Arlington, where she grew up. She professes she not only knew nothing about birth, but was uninterested in the subject! She always knew she’d be a high-rise corporate professional, combining her deep appreciation of math with a genuine desire to make the world a, physically, better space for people. She took that degree to New York City in 2007 and worked at the second largest architecture firm in the world.

However, she’s also a nerd who likes loves reading science journals, and when she was pregnant with her first son, the first few doctors appointments raised red flags on the information she was hearing. She wanted questions answered, specifically in regards to being able to breastfeed – something she wasn’t raised around.

So she started reading, and a little over 10 years later she’s still reading, but delights in “sharing all of the information I can with couples.”

Aside from being a Lacatation Consultant and Counselor, Childbirth Educator, and a Certified Doula, she is also a: Babywearing Educator, trained Postpartum Doula, Hypnobirthing-trained Doula, and currently Neonatal Resuscitation Certified as well as BLS CPR certified. After moving to Cincinnati in 2014, she co-founded LastMinuteDoulas, to answer the need of the community, launching Modern BF+Ed in 2015.

Meanwhile, she’s married to an overly supportive workaholic husband who is an attending physician at the University of Cincinnati, and together have two amazing boys. Shameless photos of the latter can be found all over he social media feeds.

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*for a full CV click here. Updated April 2020.