Modern Breastfeeding + Education Classes

Modern Breastfeeding + Education is pleased to bring you truly unique class offerings, at our office located at 5011 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati

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Comprehensive Childbirth Education Series

One Day Childbirth Education

Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding, Pumping, + Bottlefeeding

Newborn Baby Care

Customized Private Class(es)

All Moms Support Group

Combination Class: Breastfeeding + Baby Care

All Moms Support Group

Next start date: February 1st
Come join us and experience something new – not a class that focuses on your body or baby – but something entirely for you. For becoming a mom and creating friends, for tears and days you want to get out of the house but skip the shower, for processing and community. All Moms Supported here, breastfeeding or formula feeding, regardless of the age of your baby. Bring snacks and zero judgement as we talk about real life, together.

Comprehensive Childbirth Education Series

Classes held at 5011 Kenwood Rd.
This is a truly comprehensive childbirth education class that skips “methods” to instead focus on you learning about what you want, and how you cope, with everything from pain to making medical decisions as a team with your care providers. That’s right – we aren’t afraid to talk about pain in this class! Plus this ends with a breastfeeding class that is open to registration for all.

One Day Childbirth Education

Looking for a fun childbirth education class? No, really, I mean it. Leave notions of “methods” at home, skip the boring ones your friends warned you about, and come learn about all of your options in a group designed to create community, communication with each other, and answer your individual questions.

Breastfeeding, Pumping + Bottlefeeding

Classes every 2nd Wednesday of the month online
-OR- Request a class for your group of friends or workplace! Contact Me for details.

Planning on returning to work, or school? What about a *gasp* date night with your partner? If you’re worried about pumping, milk storage, bottlefeeding, teaching caregivers – take a breath of relief. This class is specifically designed to help you navigate all of that and address individual concerns.